Hello & welcome to my blog! Through the links below, I share my thoughts and experiences as I travel around the UK and around the world.

Blog Content

My aim is to provide an overview of my travels including:

  • hints and tips to help with your own travels;
  • favorite locations;
  • inspiration on destinations and things to do;
  • photographs to help bring these places to life.

I have written all the articles. They are my own opinions and experiences.

I’d absolutely love to hear any comments, thoughts or your own experiences you have about what you see or read here. I really hope you enjoy reading it & viewing the photographs that are included.

Everything included is from my own experiences. All the images are my own. For me, photographs provide wonderful memories of the places I have visited. I hope they inspire you to visit and explore these locations for yourself.

Each blog post will include links to other information that may be of interest. In time, I will include links to the suppliers or third parties that I trust and that I’m confident to recommend.

If you have any queries about anything that is contained on my website or you’d like to get in touch visit my contact page for details.


San Marco Basilica (St Mark's Basilica)

The beautiful San Marco Basilica (St Mark’s Basilica)


Recent blog posts

Below are some of my recent posts that you may find interesting.

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