Around the World in 140 Days


Around the World in 140 Days

Travelling around the world has long been a dream of mine, since I was 18 in fact. Looking back, I wish I had taken a year out after my A Levels and worked my way around the world. A lack of self confidence stopped me then. It wasn’t going to stop me now! I’m not big on regrets and I have a strong belief that life is for living. After 3 years of hard saving and planning, the time has come for me to finally fulfil my dream and embark on this trip of a lifetime.

Thankfully I have a very understanding partner who would follow me anywhere, including around the world – I am very lucky! This blog will provide details of our journey – a mini diary of what we did and hopefully you’ll find the details useful for planning your own trip of a lifetime. 

One thing I will say is this blog will not provide you with details of what to pack. We are not backpacking our way around the world. For the most part we are staying in 3 or 4 star accommodation. We will be travelling using most forms of transport – trains, planes, ferries and automobiles. With this in mind, we have packed to accommodate the lowest luggage allowance of 20kg. I suspect I will get get very bored of the clothes I have brought! All purchases of what to take were based on quality but lightweight.

Another thing to highlight is that during this journey we anticipate we will experience different seasons as we travel. We left behind the UK winter and 3ºC to arrive to the 30ºC heat of the hot and humid Singapore before heading into Australia for their 40ºC summer. We will see the end of the summer & start of the autumn in New Zealand before arriving for the Californian spring. So we have brought a variety of clothes to satisfy these seasons & the average temperatures that we anticipate we will experienced.

This blog will give you an insight into the places we have visited & the experiences we have taken. It will also give you an insight into how we planned them. As with everything on this website all the images are my own. I hope you find my blog useful & informative. Who knows it may bring back happy memories of places you have travelled. I hope it will inspire you to create your own trip of a lifetime.

The image above is of Clarke Quay in Singapore. One of the first photos I took on the day we arrived. In my next blog I will share our first impressions of Singapore. Bye for now! Alicia

Travel and Landscape Photography – Alicia Dunlop; Alicia Dunlop Photography. 

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