Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig


Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig

Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig.

Welcome to my blog where this week I’m highlighting some of the images taken on 15th May 2015 at the Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig. The event was held at the Marr’s Bar in Worcester which was the perfect venue for the gig & offers live music most days of the week.

Ernie passed away in May 2014 of Cancer. His family & friends arranged the ‘Jam Night’ as a tribute to Ernie & to help raise funds for Cancer Research. The Jam Night was a very fitting tribute to a man who had been in the music industry since he was a teenager. It’s also real tribute to Ernie that so many musicians offered to play on the night. It was wonderful to see, & hear, him remembered so affectionately & with such humour! Safe to say, there are plenty of tales that could be told…

The gig was hosted by Ricky Cool – who also demonstrated his skill on the harmonica.

Bands & singers included:

  • The Hayriders
  • The Delray Rockets
  • Rockahula featuring Big Jim & Jeanie Vincent
  • Station Break
  • Bebe Tromans

In aid of Cancer Research

Images from the Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig can be purchased both in print & digital format. All profits from the sale will go to Cancer Research. If you have any queries please feel free to contact me on 07775 881548 or complete the contact form.

I hope you enjoy looking at the images from the first Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig. Not my usual photography work. If you’re wondering why a Travel and Landscape photographer from Gloucestershire was photographing a music event… Ernie was my uncle. So it was a very easy choice to offer my photography skills to photograph the bands & hopefully help raise some additional funds for Cancer Research.

Who knows maybe this is the first of many more to come…

Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig 002

Alan Warden 004

Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig Bebe Troman 002

Bebe Troman 008

Rockahula 005

Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig Rockahula with Ricky Cool 002

Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig Station Break 003

Station Break 005

Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig Station Break 012

The Delray Rockets 009

Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig The Delray Rockets 013

Ernie Chattaway Memorial Gig The Delray Rockets 011

Ernie Chattaway The Hayriders 006

Ernie Chattaway The Hayriders 007

Do feel free to leave comments or feedback below. You can also get in touch via Facebook or Twitter. Thanks for looking! If you’d like to see more images from the night & purchase one or two (remember profits will go to Cancer Research) please view the gallery.

Thanks for looking!

Warmest regards, Alicia

Alicia Dunlop Photography

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